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June, 2011:

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March 1, 2011: The new ASD Kindergarten Report Card for 2011-2012 will be standards-based!!!

Please visit this link to share your questions, suggestions, ideas, and concerns regarding the revised K report card. Your feedback will allow us to ensure that trainings and resources fully meet your needs!

5-21-10 SBAR: A National Trend

This presentation was created by Janice Summers and Lisa Weight as a final project for the SBAR Cohort class. They set out to research the status of standards-based assessment in other states. It's loaded with excellent information about implementation successes and problems nationwide.

C-Innovations (The company that develops Zangle) is meeting next week to identify the future direction of Standards and Benchmarks as they prepare to completely re-invent their approach to standards-based reporting. We have the opportunity to provide our view from the curriculum side of things.
Please share any thoughts, suggestions, or perspectives that need to be considered.

SBAR Teachers: Please be sure and check the SBAR Resources page periodically for general SBAR documents that can be helpful. Some great talking points for conferences and a Power Law explanation were recently added. 10-20-09
Marzano/Yanoski Videoconference Notes 10-9-09
Powerpoint Presentation on the Power Law

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