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C-Innovations (The company that develops Zangle) is meeting next week to identify the future direction of Standards and Benchmarks as they prepare to completely re-invent their approach to standards-based reporting. We have the opportunity to provide our view from the curriculum side of things.
Please share any thoughts, suggestions, or perspectives that need to be considered.

Here are a couple of issues that have surfaced and the answers provided by Mary McKean and the team. Perhaps this will help others.

1) One glitch was on the Zangle report where the student's score reflected only the last score input (not an average of scores in a single bullet... nor the power law). For this particular student the assessed bullet showed a score of 1.5, whereas the average would have been 2.75. The power law... somewhere around a 3. This is a huge skewing of a score and student knowledge. There is no calculation currently tied to the SBAR scores - it only displays the individual scores that have been entered by teachers, with no averaging or PowerLaw. We are still working to get the PowerLaw implemented in the system, but are encountering difficulties with the process. When it is configured, however, the calculation will still only come into play at the end of the term when the teachers submit marks to the report card. The system does not currently calculate a "running tally" for Standards and Benchmarks. This is something we will emphasize as a required improvement with the vendor. Our recommendation for 3rd quarter is that SBAR teachers use the report from the Zangle menu: Reports>Teacher Connect>Mark Reporting>Student Standards Progress Report with the following report options selected - "Entered As Of", "Show Multiple Scores", "Only Standards with Marks". This report provides at a glance viewing of all scores entered for Standards to review with parents. Select "Show Multiple Scores" as displayed in the enclosure, in order to view multiple scores. I also recommend that you select "Only Standards with Marks" to avoid printing a report that has more blanks that filled in data. This report is generated at the teacher level, and you can preview/print as you choose. As previously explained, there is no calculation currently in effect for Standards and Benchmarks.
In the meantime, it is still possible to generate a complete report by selecting the "Only the following Standard Marks", and select ALL of the SBAR score options (0.0, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, NA). Multiple Standard Marks can be selected by holding down the shift key and clicking on the score in the list, until all of them are highlighted.

2) We input a complete assignment, submitted the scores, re-entered the assignment a few moments later.. and all scores had vanished (but it kept a "missing assignment" comment for one student. Who was the teacher, what is the name of the student and the assignment? In order to investigate these kinds of situations, we need specific information. In general, the inability to view previously entered data is related to the date. We have had very few situations where assignment data was actually lost once it was submitted, and that was due to to the deletion of a category from the teacher's gradebook, or a student being dropped by the Front Office on a date that was in the past.

3) We found that after adding an assignment, when we opened that new assignment to enter scores, scores were already sitting there... even though we hadn't input scores yet. In testing, the only time I was able to re-create this issue was when I made an assignment due on the same date that assessed a standard that was included on another assignment. The workaround for this would be to make the assignments due on different dates.

4) We found that trying to input scores from a single test where the questions asked may have a score of a 2.0, but then a different question from the same bullet could be a level 3.0 --- that only the last score input was accepted. Furthermore, since we split the test into two different assignments to be able to score both questions, we found that Zangle actually changed the FIRST assignments scores to reflect that of the second. Unfortunately, this is something that I didn't catch on Sunday when I did my own scoring --- and I can't go back and easily change now. When there is more than one score entered for a single standard on the same day, the last score entered will be duplicated for all entries for the same standard on that day.

5) Sunday I found another bullet missing in Zangle, so again, I could not give scores from test questions that I had assessed. I'll have to look it up again and pass that along later. Forward the bullet that is missing, and it can be added.

6) We found many instances where we could not assess our student's work because there was not a rubric bullet that matched. Forward the bullet that is missing, and it can be added.
Posted by Mary Murphy 2/25/10