The four SBAR pilot schools are Orion, Ursa Major, Bayshore and Airport Heights.**
Others involved in the Cohort Class are: Liz Hooe @ College Gate, Jason Payne @ Creekside, Jim Povolo @ Lake Hood, Deb Clayton @ Abbott Loop/Campbell and Melissa Ingram @ Susitna

Helpful Files:

Quarterly skill themes plus SBAR Assessments Map. Rampmeyer Nov..2009
Faceplates K-6 for Physical Education. Rampmeyer. November. 2009.
Generic Assessment Grid. Rampmeyer. Sept. 2009
Four levels for personal and social behavior/citizenship. Beauchman &KPovolo. Sept 2009.
List of all measurement topics by grade on a spreadsheet. Helpful in Zangle. February 2010. Rampmeyer.
Frequently Asked Questions regarding assessments and implementation. February 2010. Rampmeyer.

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