Teacher Name, Grade Level
Clare Morrison and Lynn Mayberry-Burke, Grade 1
Lesson: #3 - Setting Expectations/Constructing Rules: Officer Buckle and Gloria
Standard(s): 1d, 3b, 4b
Materials: Book: Officer Buckle and Gloria
Time: 30-60 minutes
Goals: Students will develop a sense of awareness that safety is part of their personal responsibility at school. Students will identify ways we cooperate each other and care for our environment.
Describe Lesson Steps: Gather students to carpet. We all have rules we need to follow. What are some of the reasons we have rules? Why do we have rules at school and at home, etc.? Thinking out loud. Popcorn-style sharing with whole group. Introduce book: Officer Buckle and his dog go to schools to discuss safety rules. While you’re listening to the story, think about rules we need to keep us safe at school. At the end, we will be creating our own classroom rules. Read aloud the story. Stop appropriately to have partners share.
Discuss at the end: Why do Officer Buckle and Gloria make a good team? What do they learn when they are apart?
Activity/Assessment(s): Students write and/or illustrate their own safety rule on a star (students can also dictate).