Teacher Name, Grade Level
Clare Morrison and Lynn Mayberry-Burke, Grade 1
Lesson: #1 - Setting Expectations/Constructing Rules: No, David!
Standard(s): 1d, 3b
Materials: Books: No, David!, David Goes to School, David gets in trouble, by David Shannon
Time: 20-30 minutes each book
Goals: Students will develop a sense of awareness that safety is part of their personal responsibility at school. Students will identify ways we cooperate each other and care for our environment.
Describe Lesson Steps: Introduce the character David. Read the foreward about how the author got the idea for the book. Discuss how David is learning about how to follow rules. Think about some rules that you think David needs to learn that we could also have in our classroom. Stop periodically throughout the book and discuss the rule David needs to learn at that particular time.
Follow the same format for each of the books.
Activity/Assessment(s): Following the last book, have students brainstorm a list of classroom rules. Start formulating ideas and creating a written list as a whole group. Model / guide students to state the rules positively, i.e. what do we want to do? How do we want to act? For example, “Raise a quiet hand.” “Walk.” “Keep your hands to yourself.”